Rock Candy

Rock Candy…the ultimate nostalgic candy. Did you know that Rock Candy was recorded in 9th century Iran?  As one of the world's first known candies, rock candy is made by dissolving sugar into water, after about a week in sugar crystals will form. When the water is heated, larger crystals will form.

First used as a way to sweeten tea, they learned that dipping twigs into the water sugar solution would grow the crystals faster. The first flavor ever recorded was flavored with flower essence and ambergris.  Rock candy is also used as a way to freshen one's breath in India and was made with fennel seeds, a flavor similar to anise or licorice.  Known as ice candy in parts of China, rock candy traditionally is used as "yao shan" or medicine food and is thought to have a soothing therapeutic effect. In North Central Germany, Rock Candy is a very important part of their tea culture as a way to sweeten up the drink. Mexicans make their rock candy into sugar skulls as part of their Día de Muertos celebrations. 

Blue Rock Candy Stick
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